Catch-up, back-flip, tumble-turn Rudds Northern Australia circus

Even those most likely to benefit if Kevin Rudds wild promises on tax cuts in the Northern Territory were ever to be implemented dont think theyre a good idea.

The Northern Territory government, businesspeople and economists have roundly dismissed Kevin Rudds last ditch Northern Australia policy pitch yesterday in Darwin.

Coalition spokesman for Northern Australia, Senator Ian Macdonald has said Mr Rudds announcement in Darwin yesterday was a transparent attempt to buy Northern voters.

Mr Rudd underestimates the people of Northern Australia, he said.

Six months ago the Labor party was calling the Coalitions proposals wacky and now they have copied them. This kind of back-flip smacks of desperation, he said.

The Northern Territory government has pointed out that while a Special Economic Zone for the Northern Territory was possible under the Constitution, it would prevent any moves towards Statehood.

The Labor party simply has no understanding of what is important to people in Northern Australia, Senator Macdonald said.

The Coalition is delighted that the Labor party has at last decided to take up our ideas and focused their attention, however briefly, on the North.

But they havent put in the hard yards and so they dont know what is needed. I have spent the last three weeks conducting forums across Northern Australia with community and business leaders, explaining our Northern Australia policy and getting their input, and have been very well received.

Northern Australians understand what is needed to make our dream a reality and it isnt headlines into which no thought or research has been invested.

For instance, Mr Rudds thought bubble yesterday made no mention of the Pilbara, the Kimberley or Western Australia. Where exactly does he think the Ord is

Only the Coalition has a well-thought plan for Northern Australia that has resulted from the past three years of consultation.

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