Carbon tax axing good news for consumers

Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said today the repeal of the Carbon Tax would ease the cost of living for all Queenslanders, particularly those living in rural and regional parts of the State.

Senator Macdonald, who crossed the floor in November 2009 to vote against his party’s support for the introduction of Labor’s emissions trading scheme, said electricity consumers would see a welcome reduction in their bills.

“At long last, we’ve seen the back of the insidious Carbon Tax, the tax that Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she would never introduce and then promptly broke her word to the Australian people,” he said.

Senator Macdonald, a noted critic of Kevin Rudd’s CPRS (Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) when it was introduced five years ago, spoke in support of repealing the Carbon Tax during the final reading of the Bill today.

“It’s a red-letter day for the hip pockets of all Australian consumers and for democracy,” he said.

“The voters spoke strongly through the ballot box last year to get rid of this toxic tax and finally, despite obstruction and delaying tactics by the Greens and the Labor Party, we have delivered on one of our core election promises.”

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