Call for enquiry into impacts of live cattle ban

The LNP State Council meeting in Toowoomba on the weekend has resolved to ask the Federal government to investigate the financial impacts on individual and family businesses of the live cattle export ban.

Senator Barry OSullivan moved an urgency motion seeking LNP support for the actions of the Queensland and Commonwealth governments assisting farmers impacted by the devastating drought.

North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald submitted an addition to the motion to include a demand for the federal government to conduct a full investigation into all aspects of the live cattle ban but particularly looking at the impact on Northern beef cattle industry.

Senator Macdonald, in moving his amendment, said that the government should recognise that while all farmers needed assistance during times of natural calamities like drought, the Northern beef cattle industry started effectively two years behind everyone else because of the live cattle ban.

Clearly for two years before the drought hit, northern cattleman had been without a regular income and this had been caused by the direct decision of a Federal Government.

It is essential that the government looks at exactly what that financial impact was before considering whether any recompense should be made.

Newly elected Senator Barry OSullivan said it was important that all Queenslanders should support the Federal and State governments in the recently announced relief measures for drought affected farmers.

We need to encourage the government not only to address the immediate problem but also to take a longer term look at what needs to be done to address the impacts of natural calamities like droughts, Senator OSullivan said.

The motion was adopted unanimously by the LNP State Council.

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