Blackout Bill in town tomorrow

Townsville is being graced with a flying visit from Opposition Leader BLACKOUT bill Shorten on Monday.

This will be a great opportunity for Townsville residents to ask him to give a categorical, unambiguous commitment to the job-creating Adani coal project and railway line.

No if’s, no buts, no ‘as long as it stacks up commercially’ weasel word answers – simply yes or no.

And it will also be a good chance to ask Blackout Bill how he will keep the lights on and air cons running in Townsville when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, with his ridiculous 50% renewables pipe dream.

Will he support the LNP proposal for a base load high intensity, low emission coal-fired power station in the North to provide jobs and growth for the Northern region?

 We in the North would welcome his answers.

 And while we are at it, we might ask him why the ALP dumped their only Northern Senator in favour of another Union hack from BRISBANE.

 Welcome to the North, Mr Shorten.


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