Awaiting delivery Of Election Promise

The tabling in the Federal Parliament tomorrow of the Report of the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia has heightened expectations regarding the release of the Government’s promised Northern Australia White Paper.

North Queensland based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald said that he was excitedly awaiting the fulfilment of the promise made by the now Prime Minister in Townsville in June 2013 at the time of the release of the Coalition’s Northern Australia Policy.

That Policy promised that within twelve months of the election an Abbott Government would “produce a White Paper on the Development of Northern Australia”.

The White Paper was to set out a clear, well defined and timely policy platform for promoting the development of Northern Australia defining policies for developing the north through to 2030, including an outline of implementation of these policies over the next 2,5,10 and 20 years.

The White Paper is due within the next couple of weeks and I am excitedly looking forward to its release.

Whilst the committee report tabled in the Parliament tomorrow is an important expression of the Parliament’s view on the north, nothing will happen in the north unless it is driven by the elected government. That is what the White Paper was all about.

I and all others living in Northern Australia look forward with great anticipation to the release of the Government’s White Paper.

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