Australia Post under pressure over Mail Centre fiasco

Queensland LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has launched a passionate attack on the CEO of Australia Post during Senate Estimates hearings today. Senator Macdonald has blasted the mail provider as uncaring regarding noise issues at the Rockhampton Mail Centre.

This issue has been going on for years. This is truly unacceptable, Senator Macdonald said.

Local residents near the Rockhampton Mail Centre have had their lives turned upside-down by extended operating hours at the centre.

The residents who are being impacted have lived in their homes long before the Rockhampton Mail Centre began operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he said.

Now these people cant sleep, their health is being impacted, and they are being denied the basic and essential right of quiet enjoyment of their homes.

At Senate Estimates Committee hearings today, Senator Macdonald asked Mr Ahmed Fahour - the CEO of Australia Post - if he conceded that Australia Post was only able to get away with this conduct because they are a Government Business Enterprise.

The Parcel Processing facility is breaching noise abatement guidelines and is in clear contravention of local Council by-laws. But, being a Government Enterprise, Australia Post is not subject to the rules of the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Any other business would have been shut down and moved on years ago.

The sale of the existing facility would fund the creation of a state-of-the-art parcel processing hub in the industrial estate in Rockhampton.

Rockhampton jobs and the well-being of Rockhampton residents, are my priorities, and the priorities of Michelle Landry, the local Federal MP, and both can be protected here.

The people who live adjacent to the Rockhampton Mail Centre have been fighting for relief from this daily noise pollution for years. They are sick and tired of it, Rockhampton Regional Council is sick and tired of it, and I am tired of having to ask Mr Fahour the same questions at every single Senate estimates hearings.

The time has come for Australia Post to do the right thing.

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