Adani Jobs

Wednesday, 30th January 2019

Adani Jobs

Adani recently released job registrations for their upcoming mine, with a staggering 14,500 people listing interest in work.

Of the data some of the most significant numbers was 5661 people said they were unemployed at the time of registering.

Senator Macdonald said this initial registration showed how many people in North and Central Queensland wanted to be a part of this significant project, demonstrating the importance of the Carmichael Mine to the North and Central Queensland economy.

“People are crying out for work which is clear from the job data that has been released” Senator Macdonald said.

“I have to commend the work Adani has already made, actively investing in our regions, moving their head office to Townsville. They have showed true commitment and have been met with only political games by the Labor party” Senator Macdonald said.

Adani has already announced that they will finance the mine independently and are able to start construction.

Senator Macdonald said that Adani had been made to jump through every hoop imaginable and if they met the required standards should be treated no differently to any other mining company in the State.

“Labor needs to understand that there is more to Queensland then Brisbane and the Southeast corner and it is time to stand up for jobs in a region that has been doing it tough” Senator Macdonald said.

Of the 8600 people who included their residential data, 7217 were from Queensland where unemployment is above 6 per cent.

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