Accountability brought to Union lawlessness

Northern based Government Senator Ian Macdonald has welcomed much anticipated legislation that will help expose dishonest union officials and ensure that the union fees paid by lower-paid workers will be put to proper use and not misappropriated by officials for personal benefit and gains.


The Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Bill 2014, a trigger for the double dissolution federal election earlier this, passed the Senate in the early hours of this morning, establishing a new Registered Organisations Commission to oversee unions and employer groups, and is armed with strong powers to enforce the law.


The push for new laws followed revelations in the Heydon Royal Commission that union officials were using workers contributions to buy expensive holidays, toys, imported motor vehicles with personalised plates, brothel services and sporting tickets.


“This is great news for Queensland where, like the rest of the country, the construction industry in particular has been held to ransom by the thuggery and stand-over tactics of unions who have acted as a law unto themselves,” Senator Macdonald said.


“Finally, unions will now be forced to abide by the same rules as everyone else.”


Senator Macdonald said the creation of the Commission would have a positive impact on the economy.


“The new Commission will effectively remove the shackles from those industries that have been bogged down by industrial disputes and corruption.


“Unions will be subjected to the same rules as apply to corporations.


“The flow on effects will mean not only improved job security, but increased productivity, a natural precursor for growth and investment.”


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