Abattoir decision welcomed by Senator Macdonald

Senator Ian Macdonald, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Northern and Remote Australia, welcomed the news that the Australian Agricultural Company has decided to proceed with its new, state-of-the-art meat processing facility near Darwin with construction beginning in just a few weeks and completion expected in 2014.

The news that the AACo Board of Directors has approved the budget of $91M for the construction of the abattoir at Livingstone opens up new opportunities for the Northern beef industry, Senator Macdonald said

The Northern beef industry has been through some very hard times thanks to the incompetent Labor government.

Between their efforts of destroying the live cattle export trade and their refusal to allow drought-stricken cattle to graze in national parks along with completely wrecking the economy, cattle farmers have been doing it tough.

This innovative and exciting new project is just the shot in the arm the industry needs.

The abattoir, which will be built at Livingstone, 50 km from Darwin, will, according to a company spokesman, be a state-of-the-art facility which will have the capability to process 200,000 head of cattle from Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, a year

Senator Macdonald has inspected the proposed site and was impressed by the design concepts.

The facility is planned to use the latest technology to minimise environmental impactsand it will not only benefit the northern cattle industry but will create significant employment opportunities in the region, Sen Macdonald said.

But, most importantly, it will give cattle producers alternatives in the marketing of their product providing confidence for future investment.

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