A carbon tax, by any other name, still smells the same

Changing the name of the destructive carbon tax, as the Prime Minister formally announced he would do this morning, doesnt make it any less punishing for Australian families and businesses, particularly in Northern Australia.

Senator Ian Macdonald, Opposition Spokesman for Northern and Remote Australia, said the Prime Ministers move from a fixed Carbon Tax to a floating Emissions Trading Scheme was just another trick, an attempt to confuse voters into thinking something would change.

Australians will continue to pay $58 billion in Carbon Tax under Kevin Rudds proposed name change, Senator Macdonald said.

All it does is bring forward Julia Gillards plan for an ETS by 12 months but the bill will continue to rise.

And paying that bill will hurt Northern Australia the most. The tyranny of distance means that Northern Australians are already disadvantaged in the cost of living stakes, despite producing a large proportion of the nations wealth and the carbon tax has made that more pronounced.

Changing its name and handing control over to Brussels will do nothing to help beleaguered Northern Australian families, business and graziers.

In the North we are constantly battling the city-centric bureaucrats and politicians to recognise the special challenges and opportunities of Northern Australia. If Canberra cant understand what we need, how will Brussels even begin

Rudd has belatedly recognised the burden of the carbon tax on Northerners but has done nothing to lift this burden.

When is he going to recognise the cost to Northern jobs of his equally dysfunctional mining tax

Senator Macdonald pointed out that Kevin Rudds new carbon tax would raise $58 billion out of the pockets of ordinary Australians. Julia Gillards version would have raised just $6 billion more at $64 billion.

Offering people a one year discount when the bill continues to rise is no discount at all, he said.

We will still be paying, and paying through the nose.

The only way to certainty is to vote the Coalition into government thats the only way to know exactly what will happen, no carbon tax by any name and a prosperous future for Northern Australia.

The Coalition has pledged a White Paper within 12 months of being elected with a fully costed strategy for the sensible, ordered development of Northern Australia.

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