$3 million for tick bite medical research

Thursday, 10th January 2019

$3 million for tick bite medical research

The Liberal National Government will provide $3 million for two studies that aims to reduce debilitating symptoms attributed to Tick bites.

North Queensland’s only Senator Ian Macdonald said that this was an important investment that has the potential to go on and help the many people, particularly in Northern Australia who are affected by the symptoms of tick bites.

“There are many people in rural and regional areas who have felt the effects of symptoms that come from tick bites, and this investment into research is one that will be most welcomed to those families.”

The almost $3 million will be invested over five years for research that will generate better understanding of the nature, prevalence and causes of these symptoms, with the longer-term aim to obtain evidence to guide the development of treatments.

The grant will be used to research the causes of debilitating symptom complexes attributed to ticks (DSCATT) and to a new treatment for DSCATT.

Senator Macdonald said that this Liberal National Government was committed to supporting health and research initiatives.

“It is because of this Governments strong economic management that we have been able to better fund health initiatives, including important research such as this Tick bite research that has been announced.”

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