24 Years Promoting The North

“The future of our nation lies in north Queensland and northern Australia - an area of enormous diversity” said North Queensland based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald twenty-four years ago today when he delivered his maiden speech in the Senate chamber.

Since that day Senator Macdonald has been at the forefront of Australian politics as a Minister in the Howard government and has been one of our nation’s most vocal advocates for the interest of Northern Australia.

“The anniversary of my maiden speech is a good opportunity to re-focus people’s attention on the needs of Northern Australia” he said.

Speaking from Weipa, the third stop on his current Cape York road trip, Senator Macdonald said that the potential of the north is now firmly in national consciousness.

“It is fitting that I am right now visiting constituents in the far north, to hear their voices and to make sure they know that someone is listening” he said.

“I have been promoting the potential of the north for the last twenty-four years and I won’t be backing down anytime soon.”

Senator Macdonald said that there are still major inequalities between the quality of life enjoyed by southern Australians and those in the north.

“Basic services that people in the capitals take for granted simply don’t exist up here” he said.

“Power, roads, schools and hospitals –  the building blocks of communities are the things we need to be focusing on” he said.

Senator Macdonald’s Cape York Road trip will continue on to Bamaga and Seisia in the coming days.

Residents who would like to meet the Senator on his travels or simply follow his progress can access daily updates on his website at www.senatormacdonald.org and once there log in to the senator’s facebook page for further updates.

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