Transcript of Interview with Jon Faine - ABC 774 Melbourne - Doug Cameron, Thursday September 17, 2015

Faine -  Well the Senate yesterday provided as much uproar as did the House of Representatives.  Malcolm Turnbull is very much putting the sword to the Labor Party, to the opposition in the House of Representatives but there was some extraordinary things in the Senate yesterday as tempers flared and emotions ran high as well. Here is a recording of yesterday in the Senate. 

Senator Wong, Opposition Leader on a point of order. I understand during the course of Question Time that Senator Macdonald made an inappropriate interjection in which he stated that a Senator learn to speak Australian and I ask that it be withdrawn

Senator Macdonald - Mr President on the point of order

I said learn to speak Australian mate.

Faine - Senator Ian Macdonald in response.  Now whether this was directed at Penny Wong or directed at Doug Cameron who has a thick Scottish accent, either way it has been regarded certainly by Labor politicians as deeply offensive.  Senator Ian Macdonald has joined up this morning to explain.  Senator – good morning to you

Macdonald - John, good to see the ABC on the big issues.  The ABC and the politically correct brigade again, my goodness you can’t have much to do if this is something that you’re interested in.  It wasn’t an extraordinary scene it was a typical day in the Senate.  Douggie Cameron is one of the loudest, most aggressive, the rudest, the most vicious of interjectors in the Senate continually, gives it out all the time but can’t take it back and when someone says to him learn to speak Australian mate, he gets offended. Well for a guy who’s been for decades a union heavy and been around the traps, been around with me in a lot of things both positively and negatively, I can’t believe that he’d go and say “oh please Leader will you make him withdraw that’.  Just incredible.

Faine - Senator I guess there’s several dimensions to this, first of all there’s this was first explained to me as being directed to Senator Wong so I ……

Macdonald - Well can I just say that’s completely incorrect but it’s typical of what happens in this place. Labor and the media run around make up stories – Penny Wong for a start is not a mate, and when Penny Wong is not yelling at the President and shouting at him and shouting at everyone else, she speaks very well

Faine - it’s about I suppose the tone of the parliament when we also had Tanya Plibersek yesterday accusing Malcolm Turnbull of something that he said.  Just have a listen to Tanya Plibersek in Question Time having a go at Malcolm Turnbull

Mr Speaker I’d rather have……(inaudible)………………..

Faine - Kelly O’Dwyer being asked if she could express milk in greater quantities so that she’s more available to her constituents rather than looking after her new born baby.  We in the public wonder what on earth, what universe our politicians are living in

Macdonald - In that instance it may be and I know nothing about those things, different Chamber, but in our Chamber Douggie Cameron is always yelling out at the top of his voice, he has a very powerful voice, and he gives it out all the time and the ABC never bother to report some of the outrageous things he says but you know when the Labor Party apparatchiks around this building get going, they can easily convince the ABC to make some sort of an issue of this.  Look can I just tell you in relation to Doug Cameron, we’re both Scots, we both run the Scottish Parliamentary Dinner together, the Cameron’s actually fought with the Macdonald’s at Glencoe.  But Doug and I have a love-hate relationship that’s always been pretty obvious and is quite good.  I don’t think either of us are bad friends with each other and to make any sort of issue about this is just political correctness going absolutely crazy and it’s about time people woke up to themselves.

Faine - Okay thank you very much for putting me in my place and let’s see what the listeners think about it.

Macdonald - Oh well John I know how you guys will run this out but look good luck. But gee out there in real Australia, people have real issues that they’re concerned about and that’s what I’m interested in and I just wish the Labor Party would concentrate on things like that, jobs for Australia, the China Free Trade Agreement things that really mean something to people out there who are worried about their future.

Faine - Thank you indeed for your time this morning Senator Ian Macdonald

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