Transcript of INTERVIEW WITH CHANNEL 7 – CLIMATE CHANGE COMMENT and DOUG CAMERON, Thursday, September 17, 2015

Channel  7     Could you just run through your view on climate change, just generally your view on climate change

Senator Macdonald  Australia emits less than 1.2% of the world’s carbon emissions and any reduction in Australia’s emissions will have no impact whatsoever on world climate change

Channel  7   Senator when you refer to children as being brainwashed about climate change, what did you specifically mean

Senator Macdonald  Well I think most mums and dads and grandparents will recall when the kids have come home from school and chastised their parents for not turning off the lights and they have been told that by doing that we’re burning carbon and that’s what’s causing all the problems in the world.  This is simply not correct but I suspect that the children, particularly in schools where the Education Union has an important influence, are running a political line rather than a factual line.  That’s why I’m concerned at the standard of the education on this particular subject because quite clearly if Australia emits less than 1.2% of the world’s emissions of carbon, if carbon emissions is what’s causing climate change, then a reduction of even 50% in Australia’s emissions output will not make one iota of difference to the changing climate of the world.

Channel  7   There are some people saying that if there (inaudible) climate change and reducing our emissions  where we can.  Are we going overboard at the moment, do you think?

Senator Macdonald  We are going overboard and you’ve got to be real about this.  Nothing Australia does will make any difference whatsoever.  If every other country in the world, the big emitters like China, India, Russia, the United States do something, cut their levels down to Australia’s level, then sure, we should do the same sort of thing.  But destroying Australian jobs, exporting Australian jobs overseas on this crazy hoax of Australia being the cause of climate change is just ridiculous and I’m sorry but it appears that the young people are being brainwashed to this at schools and that can only reflect on those who are teaching them that.

Channel 7   What do you want to see then, do you want to see changes in the way that kids are educated about climate change?

Senator Macdonald  Well not only children but I think Australia as a whole has to get real about this.  I mean there is a lot of hype from the Greens Political Party and the Labor Party support it for political reasons, but the reality is that sure Australia has to play its part but for us leading the world, for us destroying jobs, particularly in north Queensland, particularly in the mining industry, destroying jobs, sending those jobs overseas for no gain whatsoever, is just unreal, it’s ridiculous, it is a hoax and I think we’ve got to educate, first of all ourselves but then the young people that whilst Australia has to play a part we shouldn’t be leading the way and that anything Australia does will have very little impact on the changing climate of the world.

Channel 7  How are you going to move this forward? What’s your next move ?

Senator Macdonald  I continue to raise this wherever I can because it’s an argument that neither the Greens nor the Labor Party nor anyone else has been able to counter because we seriously only do emit less than 1.2% of the world’s carbon emissions and so nothing we do in Australia is going to make any difference.  So we have to do it sensibly.  We can’t give away jobs. It’s my job and I think the job of all civic leaders to bring reality to the debate and not penalise Australian jobs for a vision that, seriously, can’t be met.

Channel 7   Just on another topic, just briefly, have you copped any flack over asking your colleague to speak Australian yesterday in Parliament.

Senator Macdonald  Senator Dougie Cameron is another Scotsman like me.  We’ve been good and bad friends over a long period of time.  We have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  He is one of the loudest interjectors, one of the rudest and most aggressive interjectors, he gives it out a lot in the Senate.  And whilst we’ve know each other for a long time, we’ve been involved in a lot of battles, we’ve worked together on a lot of things as well.  And I can’t believe that Senator Cameron is taking offence at that.  As I say, he’s been a Union heavy for many, many years, I’m sure he’s been called worse things than that and I just can’t believe that he’s taken that as an issue but the Labor Party beating it up I suspect because they’ve got nothing else to talk about these days.

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