Senator Macdonald is a Senator in the Australian Parliament representing the state of Queensland.

As a Senator, all parts of the State of Queensland constitute Senator Macdonald’s electorate.

Senator Macdonald lives in the northern rural township of Ayr and has his electorate office in Townsville.

When he was first elected, Senator Macdonald was one of only two Senators located outside of Brisbane, and accordingly, he concentrates his activities on rural and regional Queensland and in particular central, northern and far north Queensland and the north-west, Gulf and Cape York/Torres Strait areas.

Senator Macdonald works closely with federal members Ewen Jones MP in Herbert, George Christensen in Dawson and Warren Entsch in Leichardt. He is also Patron Senator for the electorate of Kennedy, and was instrumental in helping LNP candidate Noeline Ikin win the primary vote (but not the seat) at the 2013 election.

Senator Macdonald is also currently Federal Parliamentary Patron to the Young Liberal/Nationals and is a past patron of the Queensland Young Liberals and Australian Young Liberal Movement.

Queensland has 12 Senators in the Australian Parliament, half of whom are elected each 3 years, for a 6 year term.

Senator Macdonald led the Liberal Party Senate ticket in 1990, 1996, 2002, 2007 and again in 2013.

Queensland is represented by 30 Members of the House of Representatives, 22 of whom are part of Tony Abbott’s Liberal Government team, 6 are Labor, 1 from the Palmer United Party, and 1 independent.

Of Queensland’s 12 Senators, 9 are based in Brisbane and the SE Corner, and 3 in the north of the State. The two new LNP Senators James McGrath and Matt Canavan have based themselves respectively in Nambour and Rockhampton.

In Queensland there are six LNP Senators (Senators Macdonald, Brandis, Canavan, Mason, McGrath and O’Sullivan) four Labor Party Senators and one Green and one PUP.

All residents in Queensland are constituents of Senator Macdonald and he is happy to help all Queenslanders with any Commonwealth-related issue.

Queensland Statistics

Land Area: 1.7 million square kilometres, 22.5% of Australia’s total land area.

Population: 4.035 million

Capital: Brisbane

GSP: $158.5 Billion, $40,170 per person.