$242 Million Package Powers Townsville Recovery Centre

Monday, 1st April 2019


The Federal Government has committed $242 million towards flood recovery efforts in Queensland, including a further $10 million for business and industry support which will see a Small Business Recovery Centre in Townsville power on.

The new funding package is being provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-Queensland Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) and applies in exceptional circumstances only and requires the approval of the Prime Minister and the Premier. Both have given approval.

These funds will also help Queensland communities to be better prepared for future disasters, with funding available for more accurate flood mapping and improved flood monitoring systems.

Queensland’s only northern-based Senator Ian Macdonald said the package will allow the Townsville community to continue to recover and rebuild their homes, their lives and their businesses left devastated by the floods.

“The Commonwealth and Queensland governments have worked together closely to develop this package and I am pleased to see funding going towards rebuilding the Townsville community and ensuring a stronger and better future,” Senator Macdonald said.

Further funding through the package will go towards addressing gaps and a wide range of measures in existing recovery assistance, including small business recovery initiatives, rehabilitating and restoring flood affected river and coastal environments and greater access to mental health and wellbeing support services.

The North Queensland Livestock Industry Recovery Agency, announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on 1 March, will also consider further ways the Commonwealth Government can support farmers to recover and rebuild their businesses.


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